Autor: Mario Kogler , 04.02.2019

The world’s largest tidal power plant is currently being constructed off the north coast of Scotland. Phase 1A of the project was successfully completed last year.

Four turbines, which produce electricity from the power of the waves with a nominal power output of 6 MW, started operating and produced over 800 MWh in September 2017 alone. This figure is regarded as a milestone in the tidal energy industry. The contract for this mega-project was awarded to Atlantis Resources Ltd. as global developers of projects in the field of renewable energies. The project is being implemented in the Pentland Firth, a strait in the north of Scotland which is renowned for its particularly strong tidal currents. In this major project, a total of 57 underwater turbines with a total capacity of up to 398 MW will be installed. This is set to cover 20% of the demand for electricity in the United Kingdom in the ­future. The costs are around 489.39 million euros.


wasser wasserkraft SKF Unterwasser Stroemungsturbinen 1b Bild Atlantis Resources web2


A turbine is submerged in the sea. Following a successful system test, the 25-year operating phase began.

photo credits: Atlantis Resources Ltd.