Autor: Mario Kogler , 18.02.2019

SBB wants to invest around 500 million CHF in hydropower projects in order to drive forward the company’s expansion, reports the online edition of the “Aargauer Zeitung” newspaper.

SBB set itself the target back in 2015 of saving around x GWh of electricity by 2025. Around half of the savings have already been achieved, says Beat Deuber, Head of Energy at SBB Infrastructure. However, these savings are not enough to cover the company‘s additional consumption in the future. As the largest consumer of electricity in Switzerland, in the years ahead SBB wants to invest around half a billion Swiss francs in expanding and revitalising its hydroelectric power plants. When it comes to implementing these new plants, SBB hopes that the Swiss cantons and local authorities will show goodwill in the concession negotiations.

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Etzelwerk SBB 16 0288 90 X 60 web2


SBB’s own Etzel plant installation. To cover the increasing demand for energy, the railway company is planning to
invest around half a billion Swiss francs in maintaining
and expanding its hydroelectric power plants.

photo credits: SBB/ Beni Basler